29 May 2012

Review- Castelli Body Paint 2.0 Bib Shorts

By Kevin Langton,

Having been introduced to the Body Paint Bibs and the Castelli Progetto X2 seatpad a couple of years ago now, I have truly seen the light! They are still going strong and I am still impressed. Of course I do tend to look after them (they take such good care of me!), and I do save them for my longer rides as opposed to my daily commute.

On deciding to add another pair to my kit drawer, I was super excited to try the new 2012 Body Paint 2.0. Expectations were running high, as my original Body Paints have been so great, and when expectations run high like that there is always some potential for disappointment. Not so with my new BodyPaint 2.0s! They are every bit as good as my other pair, and yes they are better still. It's not a night and day thing, obviously with product at this level improvements will be subtle, but the upgrades definitely add something and are certainly noticeable. I personally haven't wind-tunnel tested the aerodynamic dimpling yet, but these bibshorts definitely have the feel, comfort and quality that you know the very top-level pro riders are demanding and getting. On my first outing in the 2.0s, the hills still kicked my butt, and I need to dial in the position on my new bike, but these new Body Paints sure made me feel special! They feel every bit as comfortable and as fast as the copy and the look suggest. Simply put, they are the best bibshorts I have ever used.

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